Waiting for Wisdom (2013) – $10

(There is a $5 surcharge for shipping and handling)

waiting for wisdom

To order a copy of Waiting for Wisdom, please download and print the form below and mail it along with a check or money order with the full amount to:

The Irregulars

193 Meadow Lane

Shelburne, VT 05482

The Irregulars CD Order Form

Check out this great review of our CD by the 7Days:

Waiting for Wisdom, released last year on Sutherland’s Epact Music label, is a lively collection of originals and traditional fiddle tunes from the British Isles, Québec and Cape Breton that suggests they’ve heeded their mentor and really don’t have long to wait after all. The band’s takes on trad tunes such as “Big John McNeill” and “Big Scioty” are well considered and executed. But the album’s true source of strength is its original works. Accordion and banjo player Laura Harris’ “The Morning Person” has a timeless lilt and is a wonderfully crafted fiddle tune. Mandolinist and fiddler Oliver Scanlon emerges with clever reels on “On the Morgan Deck” and “Descent of the Snark.” And the two team up on the album’s ninth track, “Amidst the Clouds/Waiting for Wisdom,” a cut that veers more toward contemporary acoustic music than the preceding jigs and reels, yet maintains a vibrant traditional feel. Kids these days…” ~Dan Bolles for the Seven Days newspaper


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